Peyton Manning Hall of famer, But the Goat?

Sunday March 6th, 2015 will be one of the days that goes down in football history. We were lucky enough to have arguably the greatest quarterback of not only a generation but possible of all time for Eighteen years. We may have lost one to injury and the last two may not have been his best as father time move closer but for a solid 12 seasons we got to see one of the all time greats.

It should go without saying that Manning is a hall of famer, but I have to say it. Peyton will be elected in five years, and may even be the first Unanimous player to do so, but should he even wait? This year we get to see Peyton manning and Charles Woodson retire. They’re first ballet HOF inductees without question so how about a new rule named after them. If unanimous elect any player or coach into the hall of fame without the five year waiting period.

With that being said, Is Manning the Goat ? That’s Greatest of All Time for those who don’t know. Statically speaking it’s hard to argue. Manning Stands as the record holder of numerous season records but some stand out more than others. He is first all time in passing yards at 71,940. First in touchdowns at 539 and is the first and only quarterback to have 200 wins including playoffs.

Speaking of the Playoffs…

That’s where the argument gets challenged, while yes he has the season statistics there are others with better playoff records like Brady, Montana, Bradshaw to name a few. The argument can be made that the playoffs require the team to come together and that its more of a team accomplishment but there is no position in any sport that I’ve seen so strongly impact a sport. For me, Manning goes down as the best season Quarterback but not the greatest of all time, it’s hard to argue with Montana or even Brady when his career is all said and done. Of course we have Aaron Rodgers in the league and a group of young game changing Quarterbacks who could one day claim that title for themselves. Only time will tell.