NFL Entry Draft Round 1 Recap

1. Tampa Bay Bucs – Jameis Winston QB, Florida State

Winston was a no brainer at this pick and everyone knew it coming into the draft Thursday night. With Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson at the WR Positions Winston will start in the NFL with two of the tallest WR’s in the league and it will do nothing but help him develop.


2. Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon

No matter how much Chip Kelly offered the Titans organization it just was not in the cards for the eagles to land Mariota. In the long run I believe Mariota will have a better career then Winston but only if the Titans help him out in the 2nd and 3rd rounds with some weapons. With Kendall Wright and Delaine Walker being the two best receiving options for Mariota the titans will need to find a playmaker for Mariota. Perhaps the WR gamble Dorial Beckham from Missouri or Jaelan Strong from Arizona State.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dante Fowler JR, DE/OLB Florida

There were some people surprised by Fowler over Williams but I was not one of them. There were rumors some teams had fowler over Williams on their board and its obvious the Jags were one of them. Fowler can start day one for this franchise and instantly add to the pass rush. Fowler has the ceiling to be a pro bowl player who may average double digit sacks for the majority of his career.


4. Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper, WR Alabama

What’s this the Raiders actually make the right pick and go for a team need instead of going by H/W/S. Yes the Raiders are off to a great start to this year’s draft with the selection of Cooper. Cooper who is arguably the best WR in this year’s draft is without a doubt the more polished WR who is ready to step in day one for the raiders to help out their assumed Franchise QB Derek Carr. Cooper won’t be able to run right through Secondary’s like in college but he will be a great yards after the catch receiver with a high amount of Targets each year.


5. Washington Redskins – Brandon Scheff, OT Iowa

This was the first shocker of the NFL Draft on Thursday night. Most teams had the Redskins going Pass rush here especially if someone like Leonard Williams fell to them which most thought would be impossible but even with the impossible happening the Redskins decided to go OT and draft Scheff to most likely play him at Either Left Guard or Right Tackle.


6. New York Jets – Leonard Williams, DE/OLB USC

The Jets walked away from the draft with the best player in it. One day Ten to Fifteen year’s from now we may look back and wonder how Williams wasn’t taken with one of the five earlier picks. Williams has the ability and athleticism to be a repeat pro bowl player with the potential to make it to the Hall of fame. Williams can line up at an even or Odd defense scheme and still dominate as an interior Run stopper or an exterior pass rusher with ability to disrupt offences. Only time will tell how good Williams can be but this writer would be surprised if he doesn’t make it to the pro bowl on many occasions  



7. Chicago Bears – Kevin White, WR West Virginia

The Bears could do no wrong with this pick. There was still a top WR on the Board, two great Pass rushers in Beasley and Dupree, as well as the best Interior Defensive linemen in Danny Shelton. With that said the Bears went offence. They are possibly looking to replace Brendon Marshall who the team shipped out to the jets in the offseason. White had a freak day at the Combine this year and flew up the draft boards incredibly fast. White has an incredible ceiling and may just replace Marshall but it won’t be right away. White still has a few things to learn before he is a stand out but with his size and speed his ceiling is really high.


8. Atlanta Falcons – Vic Beasley, DE/OLB Clemson

Beasley may be the perfect player for the Falcons. The team needed to start focusing on their defense and Beasley is a great start to that. Able to play the 4-3 or the 3-4 Beasley has the speed needed to be a terror to QB’s in the passing game. Beasley will need to improve his block shedding skills if he is to become dominant in the run defense game and reach his full potential.


9. New York Giants – Ereck Flowers, OG Miami

I had Flowers going to the giants in my mock draft earlier this week and for the exact same reasons why he was drafted. His run blocking ability . There is no better OG in this year’s draft at getting his man turned around. Flowers may be a liability in the passing game but with the right coaching staff he may be able to balance his skill out.


10. St Louis Rams – Todd Gurley, RB Georgia

In a million years I did not see this happening. The Rams already have a solid 1-2 punch in Stacy and Tre Mason so most people believed the Rams would go WR here in Devante Parker or possible another OL like Andrus Peat. There is no doubt that Gurley is a great Prospect but with A new QB under center in Foles I believe the rams made a mistake here and one they may soon regret.


11. Minnesota Vikings – Trae Waynes, Cb Michigan State

Waynes is a great pick for the Vikings. There was one of the big three receivers still available as well as Melvin Gordon but the Vikings went for the best player on the board and walked away with a player who will be a day one starter and be a part of one of the fastest developing secondary’s in the NFL. With Xavier Rhodes on the other side and Harrison smith over the top this secondary may be what it takes to compete with Rodgers in Green Bay and Stafford in Detroit.


12. Cleveland Browns – Danny Shelton, NT Washington

I made a joke with a friend right before this pick expecting the Browns to do something stupid like draft a player well before he was projected or take a player that they didn’t need to draft but I ate my tongue quickly after seeing who they took. Shelton will step in Day one and instantly help the run defense of the browns. He’s big with great quickness even though it did not show at the combine. Shelton has to be consistent and not back down to great Centers in the league. if this happens then there is no doubt in my mind that we will see Shelton at the pro bowl many times in his career.


13. New Orleans Saints – Andrus Peat, Ot Stanford

This pick may not be flashy but not only will it help in the future but Peat can help right away. With the Saints right side of the offensive line looking a little long in the tooth due to age the Saints needed to go young and they got it here with Peat. Peat has all the ability to play on the left side but he will be much better on the right. With upper echelon run blocking ability Right Guard would be perfect for the saints offence going into the future.


14. Miami Dolphins – Devante Parker, WR Louisville

Parker has the ability to be a top Receiver in the right offence with the right Qb and this may be the team to make that happen. With the Dolphins sold on Tannerhill at Qb Parker can step in Day one and help out this team right away. Parker has an incredible ability to alter his body to come up with some highlight catches that we will see on any given Sunday.


15. San Diego Chargers -  Melvin Gordon, RB Wisconsin

In all honesty this is a shocker too me. I did not see the Chargers moving up from the 17th pick never mind move up to draft Gordon. With that being said this pick helps the team immediately. With no real standout running back on the team after Matthews left to Philadelphia Gordon will go into training game being the starter. Gordon will help this offense start fresh with the rest of Rivers real toys getting older.


16. Houston Texans – Kevin Johnson, CB Wake Forest.

Cleanest CB in the draft. That is what Johnson was called at the Combine. With the ability to play inside or outside, press or man coverage the only thing to worry about with Johnson is his frame. He is not the biggest or widest Cornerback but he has great speed and very fluid hips. This will serve him well with Andrew Luck in the division.


17th. San Francisco 49ers – Arik Armstead, DT Oregon

With all the losses to the 49ers defense everyone knew that the team would be going heavy in defense in this year’s draft and this will start the floodgates for them. Armstead can be an effective pash rusher with some coaching but his true talent is stuffing the run and he will have the opportunity to do so in a division that just added the best RB in the draft as well as have to deal with Marshawn Lynch twice a year.


18th Kansas City Chiefs – Marcus Peters CB, Washington

With early comparisons between Peters and Aquib Telib the Washington CB had a few red flags on him. One being that the man was not coachable at Washington but that may just be a problem with the current coaching staff. They Chiefs relied on (former Washington and current USC coach) Steve Sarkisians staff's recommendation and they all came out in favor for Peters.


19th Cleveland Browns – Cameron Erving, C Florida State.

This is essentially a Safety pick for the Browns. The team already has Alex Mack Starting at center but he is coming into a contract year. If Mack leaves the team then Erving can step in and do a solid job as a replacement. If the Browns somehow keep Mack then Erving can switch to any other Offensive line position as he has the ability to do so. This is another smart pick by the browns. Things may be changing in the dog pound.


20th Philadelphia Eagles – Nelson Agholor, WR USC

The Eagles and Chip Kelly tried to trade the farm to get Oregon QB Marcus Mariota but failed and it will probably be for the better. Regardless of who the eagles have lining up behind center they need someone to throw the ball to and now they have it. Agholor can line up outside or inside and has the same skill for route running like Jeremy Maclin the player he is set to replace. Eagles fans will love him.


21st. Cincinnati Bengals - Cedric Ogbuehi, OT TXAM

Ogbuehi will be a long term prospect for the Bengals. With a ACL injury in the bowl game it was thought to be believed that Cedric would be falling down the draft till maybe the end of the second or early third but the bengals stepped up and drafted him early and it’s the right place for him. He will have time to heal as the Bengals already have Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth at tackle.


22nd Pittsburgh Steelers – Alvin “Bud” Dupree, OLB Kentucky

Once again the Steelers somehow end up with a top talent that falls to them. Dupree is exactly what the Steelers need on defense. A fresh beginning and a great talent with size and speed. The thing that scares me is his lack of consistency. If that changes than the Steelers defiantly got a steal here.


23rd Denver Broncos – Shane Ray, DE/OLB Missouri

Shane Ray falls no further. Even with the off the field issues the Missouri product is to talented to let sit there any longer. The Broncos are basically looking at Demarcus Wares heir apparent and those will be large shoes to fill but I believe Ray can fill them. Ray is an alpha male who plays each down like it is his last and this will help lift him to pro bowl status when he finally gets the starting job.


24th Arizona Cardinals - D.J Humphries, OT Florida

I have to give the Cardinals front office a lot of credit. In one offseason they have rebuilt their offensive line. Signing Iupati from the 49ers and taking Humphries here will go a long way in protecting whoever their starting Quarterback is now and going into the future.


25th Carolina Panthers – Shaq Thompson, OLB Washington

This is a pick that can go one of two ways. On one hand this pick may be seen as an early jump and a mistake on the Panthers part but on the other hand this could be a steal for the Panthers. If Thompson can cover TE’s well then this will be a great pick up. Thompson is kind of like the Swiss Army Knife. There were rumors some teams would draft him at Safety and even at running back. Thompson has the ability to rush the passer but also drop back into coverage and defense a slot receiver but only time will tell what position the Washington Swiss knife will play.


26th Baltimore Ravens – Breshard Perriman, WR UCF

Size and Speed. That’s what Perriman brings to the Ravens. Perriman has the speed of a Torrey Smith but the size of a Calvin Johnson. No I am not saying he’s just as good as Johnson but he has the ability to make big plays when it matters and that’s just what the ravens are looking for. If Perriman can develop into a solid route runner then the Ravens and Flacco have finally found their star Receiver


27th Dallas Cowboys – Bryon Jones, Cb Connecticut

Pick fits the need. Tall Cornerback with explosive ability. Will take a little time and practice to get over or go around his stiffness. Will start day one and help out Cowboys Secondary immediately.


28th Detroit Lions – Laken Tomlinson, OG Duke

Tomlinson is a mix of a people mover; a phone booth guy and a finisher all rolled into one. He showed great ability at the senior bowl by stopping DT Danny Shelton but his lack of athleticism may cause problems in the NFL against better talent.


29th Indianapolis Colts – Philip Dorsett, WR Miami

If Dorsett was 6’1 I think we would have seen him in the talks alongside Cooper, White, and Parker but at 5’10 he is a little undersized to be a Superstar Talent. Dorsett has the speed, separation and route running ability to play inside or outside but unless he is wide open a lot of Corners will be able to defend the long ball if it’s thrown to him


30th Green Bay Packers – Demarious Randle FS, Arizona State

Kind of a surprise pick for me at least. I expected the Packers to go ILB here to move Matthews back to OLB but Randle was seen by a few as the better safe in the draft compared to Alabama’s Landon Collins. Randle is a ball hawk with the ability to land aggressive tackles with ease. The only downside is going to be his size which is a little smaller than most Safeties in the NFL


31st New Orleans Saints – Stephone Anthony, ILB Clemson

Truth be told I did not have Anthony as my first ILB taken in this year’s draft but Anthony can step in day one with his athleticism and size and be a producer earlier on. With great speed at his size watch out for Anthony to drop into coverage but also rush the passer.


32nd New England Patriots – Malcolm Brown, DT Texas

Brown is a steal at 32 for the Patriots. He has the ability to be an every down player for the pats but with his skill and athleticism the pats will have him all over the defense to help out right away. Although he may be drafted to fill the shoes for Wilfork watch out for Brown’s pass rushing ability. He’ll get after opposing Quarterbacks often this year.