Winners & Losers: 2015 NFL Free Agency



1st: Buffalo Bills. The Bills managed to trade for one of the league’s best Running backs in Shady McCoy for OLB Kiko Alonzo. With Rex Ryan joining the team as the new Head Coach Ryan went out and got a piece for his offense that he has always for his system of Ground and Pound Football. McCoy instantly gives the bills a threat on offense which will help whoever they decide to start at QB. The bills also resigned Jerry Hughes to a new contract keeping the league’s most fierce pash rush intact
2nd: Philadelphia Eagles. The eagles traded away a top RB to buffalo but they also signed the league’s leading rusher last year in Demarco Murray. There are some people that believe that Murray’s numbers we inflated due to the Cowboys having without a doubt the best Offensive line in the NFL but I am not one of those people. The Eagles also made a trade for Sam Bradford from the Rams for Nick Foles. Bradford who has been injury prone over his career can still be a good QB if he remains healthy but that’s the big question. Chip Kelly did resign Mark Sanchez for safety precautions .
3rd: Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were in the hunt for Suh in the beginning but the Dolphins did win that battle. After losing out on Suh the Colts went out and filled two major holes on offense. RB and WR. The colts decided not to resign Reggie Wayne and release Trent Richardson so they went out and got two great veterans in Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. Johnson and Gore were teammates back in the early 00’s for the famed University of Miami.
4th: Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks lost In the Superbowl on what most people will call one of the biggest blunders in modern sports history. So what do they do? They trade their pro bowl Centre for arguably the best TE in the game today in Jimmy Graham from the saints. The Seahawks already had a offense that was hard to stop because of Lynch but now you add a player that has to be double teamed at all times and it will be nearly impossible to stop this team. The Eagles also went out and signed Cary Williams to replace Maxwell. Williams will fit in with the seahawks perfectly because of his size and physical play style


1st: New England Patriots. Yes the Patriots won the Superbowl last year but 3 big pieces to that victory are now on other teams. The Patriots released Veteran DT Vince Wilfork who signed with the Texans, The let Derrell Revis go back to the Jets and they let Brandon Browner leave to go to the Saints. I know The Patriots still have Brady and Gronkowski but unless they start lining up on the defensive side of the ball the Patriots Defense will suffer.
2nd: San Francisco 49ers. This is an obvious choice. The 49ers lost a lot of players in the offseason due to a mix of Free agency and shocking retirements. The 49ers lost Frank gore, Crabtree, Willis, Smith , and Iupati, Culliver, Cox, and maybe most noticeably Bolland the OLB who retired due to concussions and repeated brain trama.