Seahawks Squeeze out Victory

via USA Today

via USA Today

The second game back for Safety Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks look to be back to normal on defense keeping the high potent lions offense to only 3 points on offense and keeping Gun Slinger Matthew Stafford from throwing any touchdowns to Calvin Johnson or Golden Tate.  The two receivers combined for 10 catches and 85 yards far less than last week’s 13 catches and 134 yards receiving.

The Running game for the lions was also nonexistent thanks to the great defense of the Seahawks. Ameer Abdullah may have shown signs of greatness other weeks and in the preseason but against the best of the best the rookie looked just that. Like a rookie. Im still impressed with what I see in from Abdullah this season, he may be a great piece for the Lions offense down the road. it is obvious what is missing on this lions Team. Pass Rushing. even with Ansah on the outside the team will miss both Suh And Fairley in the middle. look for the lions next year to bolster then offense with a Defensive tackle or edge pass rushed in next years draft.

The Seahawks on the other had their offense exactly the way it was even without Marshawn Lynch in the back field. Accurate. Russel Wilson went 20 for 26 for 285 yards and one touchdown to Baldwin. Jimmy Graham once again is missing from the highlight reel, catching 4 passes for 29 yards this is not the same Graham we all grew to love in New Orleans and I don’t believe him or the team when they say there is no problem from either side. Things have to change for graham or he won’t be a Seahawk for long.

Seattle looks to make up some ground in the division in the hopes to make it to the playoffs nevermind win the division while the Lions leave the game like the entered. At the bottom of the league. This lions season is about the future. They're some great pass rushers in next year's draft so get ready.

Seattle Seahawks 13
Detroit Lions 10