NFL Sunday Preview : Battle of the undefeated

via Acme

via Acme


This Sunday night Football fans will witness something that is not only rare. It’s never happened before. Both the Green bay Packers and the Denver Broncos enter the game with a 6-0 record.

Now while both teams may have their same record. The Similarities end there as the teams are playing on opposite ends of the Football spectrum.

The Broncos Defense has been shutting down everyone they face while Peyton Manning Struggles in a new Offence. The Green Bay Packers and their potent offense picked up right where they left off last year as Aaron Rodgers is off to another great year throwing 15 touchdowns to just two Interceptions to go along with a 68.1 Completion Percentage while the Packers Defense can be classified as shaky at best Giving up almost as many yards on defense as the Packers have on offense.

This Match up in primetime can be a game that will go down in history as one of the greatest ever but there are a few sports writers out there who believe that the Broncos defense is far better than the Packers offense, even with a struggling Peyton Manning they believe he should be able to light up the Packers poor defense with all the weapons he has to use.

Those Sports writers may have a point. As the old saying goes defense wins championships but I find it difficult to count out Rodgers in any way what so ever. We’ll find out soon enough however

I have the game going to the Packers

Green Bay Packers -31

Denver Broncos - 28