NFL 2015 Playoffs Preview NFC Edition

NFC Wild Card Game #1

Detroit Lions (6) vs Dallas Cowboys (3)

Detroit comes into this game on an emotional high after finding out their Star DT Suh will be able to play instead of being suspended for a more then obvious attempt at standing on Packers QB Rodgers during week 17. The emotional high will only go so far but the play off Suh will surely impact then entire game. The lions have one of the best run defenses I have seen in years and it’ll be needed against the league’s leading runner Demarco Murray. The Key question for the lions will be, can the lion’s secondary stop Dez Bryant and Tony Romo?

 The Cowboys come into this game knowing they compete with the best of the league on the offensive side of the ball, but what about their defense? The cowboys’ defense has not been talked about much this year because of the stellar play of Bryant, Romo, And Murray and the defense should thank the three players for that. Don’t get me wrong the Cowboys defense isn’t the worst in the league but it most likely won’t be good enough to stop the high powered offense of the lions.  Romo Is in the conversation for the league’s MVP this year but the question remains. Can Romo Lead his team deep in the playoffs?

 Predicted score

Detroit lions 14

Dallas Cowboys 31


Arizona Cardinals (5) vs Carolina Panthers (4)

 Arizona comes into this game on an interesting road. Unlike the other teams in this year’s playoffs the cardinals have had a revolving door at the Qb position because of injuries. There have been four quarterbacks throw passes this year for the cards and yet the team still went 11-5. The Cardinals Qb situation may be revolving door of what’s next but their defense has been spectacular this year especially at home. Led by all pro CB Patterson the Cardinals have been able to withstand most of the NFC’s best to snag a playoff spot in what is arguably the hardest division in the NFL. Only one question remains. Can the Cardinals Defense make up for the lack of consistency at the Qb Position?

 Carolina comes into this game with a below five hundred record and to the dismay of many fans who would rather see a team like San Francisco or Philadelphia the Panthers may actually be this year’s dark horse in the playoffs. Most experts have them beating the cardinals because of their lacking Qb play and the Packers having a sub-par defense once again this year the panthers and Cam Newton have a good shot at making it to the NFC championship game. Cam Newton has to step up now and prove to the rest of the league that he has what it takes to be an elite Qb regardless of who he is throwing the ball too.

The question remains though, Do the Panthers have enough weapons for Newton to even stand a chance against a Defense as stingy as the Cardinals?

 Predicted score.

Carolina Panthers-14

Arizona Cardinals-21