Monday Night Headlner

Denver Broncos (11-3)


Cincinnati Bengals (9-4-1)

 Monday night’s game in the NFL is full of playoff implications. You have the Denver broncos in the AFC West playing for the top seed in the AFC and the AFC North Leading Bengals trying to keep winning in what is without a doubt the hardest division.

 Both teams are coming into Monday’s game winning the majority of their last few games. Denver winning their last four and the Bengal’s winning three In their last four games. The Clear Favorites are the Broncos but the Bengals really need a win to keep up with the Ravens and Steelers assuming they win their respective games against the Texans and Chiefs.

 However with the season winding down the Broncos really need to make a scene and make sure they go into the playoffs as hot as possible and a win that all but mathematically eliminates another AFC team would go a long way in doing that.

 I would like to believe this will be a great game but with the Bengal’s Inability to perform in the bright lights of a Nationally televised game I think we could end up seeing a very one sided game in the broncos favor.

 Score Prediction

Denver broncos- 31

Cincinnati Bengals-10