Monday night Preview

This Monday night game will be between Division Rivals Miami Dolphins (6-5) versus the New York Jets (2-9). The New York Jets come into the Monday night game with nothing left to lose, and that is obvious by the team starting Geno Smith once again at quarterback. The Jets have question marks all over their offense. From their starting QB, future running backs, Tight ends, and the team is lacking a Number 1 WR. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the offseason but for now their fans have to suffer for the rest of the season.

 The Dolphins on the other hand are on the upswing in a continually toughening Division. We all know who the Patriots are but the Bills and the dolphins have been a surprise to the NFL world. The dolphins who at times have shown signs of great ability once again are on the bubble for a wildcard spot. Tannerhill may just be the most underrated quarterback in terms of his mobility will look to pick apart the jets Dismantled Defense.

 This game isn't between two big name teams but the game still matters to both the dolphins who are hunting for a wildcard spot and the jets who may end up tanking (if they mean to or not is a different story) to get one of the big name quarterback prospects in next year’s draft.

 Final Unofficial score

Dolphins 18

Jets 7