NFL week 11s game of the week

New England Patriots (8-2) versus Detroit Lions (7-3)

 This week’s game of the week is the New England Patriots vs the Detroit Lions. Both teams are coming into the week with great Records. The lions sit atop the NFC north at 7-3 after losing to the league’s best team (by record) Arizona Cardinals. The Patriots sits atop the AFC East at 8-2 after laying a beat down on the Indianapolis Colts last week 42-20.

 The Lions are this year’s defensive leaders thanks to the all pro play off NT/DT Ndamukong Suh and 2nd year player Ezekiel Ansah. With 10 combined sacks this dynamic Duo have been hunting QB’s all season and they hope to put Tom Brady on his back a few times throughout the game. On Offense this year’s Lions are like every years lions. Decent running game, Gun slinging quarterback and outstanding receiving by a great player but this year’s great Receiving threat is actually Golden Tate. The former Seahawk has been on a tear this year with 68 catches (third in the NFL) and 950 receiving yards (sixth in the NFL) some would say this is due to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson only playing five full games this year but the optimist in me wants to believe that Tate is finally coming out of his shell as a player.

 The Patriots are who we thought they were or matter a fact, who we have come to know them to be. The Patriots even though have suffered at times this year are back to their ways. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski who is finally healthy seem to be playing without a care in the world and the Patriots come into this week’s game winning six straight.

 On offense Rob Gronkowski looks all most unstoppable. He is making one handed catches, running through groups of tacklers on the way to the end zone and I can see no fault in his game which is what is needed right now. The Patriots Receiving core had a shaky start to the year but now has been helping Tom terrific destroy defensives. Be it Gronkowski, my personal choice of comeback player of the year Brandon Lafell or Wes Welker’s Heir apparent Julian Edelman, The patriots offense seems unstoppable.

 This game is essentially the Unmovable object (Lions Defense) versus the Unstoppable Force (Patriots Offense) and I for one can’t wait to see who wins this battle.

 Final prediction score

New England Patriots 21

Detroit Lions 18