The differences between a good coach and a great one may be subtle, but they can make a world of difference to players, to the game, and to everyone around them.

While knowledge of the game, ability to demonstrate drills and organizational skills are important, they also needs, humility, compassion, communication, passion and leadership.

So when it comes to a smart coach, he will build around his competition and exile his plan.

We can start with the top 3 dominant and freighting lines that are in the league. They usually are the ones always hanging around the defensive zone or offense zone. They won’t leave. And every time they’re there it always feels like something bad is going to happen (unless they’re on the other team). Even if they’re not getting scored on or scoring goals, every time they hop over the boards, they’re usually making every other player look silly.

How freighting they may be depends on which side you’re on and which coach you have. That one dominant line will be terrifying for 29 other teams and coaches love mixing things up, so it’s hard to find trios that are consistently together, but I managed to find a couple that are dominating this season.

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Bergeron, the one and only Marchand and Pastrnak have come together this season to form a dominant No. 1 line for the Bruins.

Their chances hasn’t yet measured up to the volume of shots they’ve put on target but with a low shooting percentage as a group we expect this line ups play to result in various goals throughout the season. This line up utterly dominates play, but their offensive production hasn’t quite matched their territorial edge.


Conor Sheary, Carl Hagelin, and Patric Hornqvist have been Crosby’s primary wingers, showing his best numbers. The trio line unit is up over 71 percent possession, are out-shooting the competition nearly 3-1, and have not been on the ice for a goal against in 64 min at even strength

That is just a small portion of this line, and Crosby’s numbers are comparably remarkable when on a line with Hornqvist. Even though no matter who he has by his side, he will still dominate.

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That brings us to my last and most favorite trio. We all know that Patrick Kane has been the hit of the NHL, hands down the best forward thus far..  Adding Panarin-Anisimo by his side gives us a line  that truly deserves to be called the leagues best.

Anisimov's still learning the finer points of the Blackhawks' system. Panarin's is still going through a huge transition as he moves to a new country and new league after missing all but one preseason game through injury.

They have been excellent at producing offence and are difficult to contain between the other team’s goal and blue lines. If this line is this good this soon, imagine what it'll be able to do when its components get comfortable.

If you agree or have a better line to challenge me with, comment below and share your thoughts. Remember this is just a passionate fan who loves the game just as much as you do. 

What are your top 3 lines and why?