Slava Voynov began serving 90-day jail sentence on July 7th

Slava Voynov is paying his debt to society from the confines of a luxury jail cell.

The Kings defenseman, who pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of corporal injury to his spouse earlier this summer, began serving his 90-day sentence in the Seal Beach Police Detention Center on July 7, a city attorney told Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times. 

Voynov was able to choose the facility in which he would serve his sentence, with his stay at the 30-bed Detention Center in Seal Beach costing him $100 per day. 

His time there is expected to last 45 days or less because of good behavior and other reductions. Voynov domestic violence prevention program and eight hours of community service. 

Further details of the incident, which began at a team Halloween party, were further disclosed in a probation report filed on the same day Voynov plead no contest. 

The defendant punched her once on the left side of her jaw. Eventually, they stopped arguing and went back inside the venue. She tried to get assistance from other party goers; however she does not speak fluent English. According to the victim, she is scared of the defendant and he is very aggressive when he drinks. She admitted this was not the first time the defendant has struck her.

The fight continued at the couple's home, where the report said that Voynov repeatedly choked, punched and kicked his wife. 

Voynov remains under indefinite suspension by the NHL, but an early release would allow for the possibility of participation at King's training camp in September, thereby prompting an ultimate decision on his playing future.

Voynov's contract with the Kings runs through to the end of the 2018-19 season at $4 million.

Who would of guessed. A professional athlete has so many privileges due to the amount of money they have. No justice there. 

Does it feel like he got off light in serving his sentence? To most, it probably does. This pisses me off. 

By no means am I downplaying his actions. What he did was abhorrent, but it's the nature of the state he lives in. Its MERICA after all. 

California prisons are overpopulated by 144-percent. The Supreme Court has given the state until February 2016 to decrease the overpopulation to 137.5-percent.

Relinquishing of his freedom is what is expected of him from justice system and he's doing just that.

At the time of publication, the NHL had not responded with comment as to the the status of their investigation. The Kings will no longer comment on the issue.