New York Rangers versus Tampa Bay Lightning.

Both of these teams come into the Eastern Conference finals on the opposite side of hockey. The Lightning almost blew a 3 game lead to the Montreal Canadians before man handling them on Tuesday night 4 to 1 to take the series four games to two. The Rangers on the other hand came back from 3 games to 1 to give Ovechkin another second round playoff defeat.

The Rangers are the Favorites in this match up and rightfully so may I add. The Rangers have arguably the best goalie in the NHL right now, tons of leadership and playoff experience, as well enough goal scoring to win those games if and when Lundqvist stands on his head again.

Tampa has been the Cinderella team almost in this year’s playoffs. The underdog, in the previous two rounds and now once again against the Rangers. Although they have been the underdogs Tampa has shown that they are more than willing to duel it out with the best in the eastern conference so far. A tough 7 game series against the Redwings, a close call against the Canadians and now they’ll have to go against a goalie that seems to be at the top of his game right now.

When it’s all said and done I don’t see how Tampa can stand a chance against the Rangers but I said the same thing about them against the Red wings and the Canadians so maybe once again I’ll be proven wrong. The Rangers are simply the better team and will come out on top in 5 games, maybe 6 if Tampa can find a way to get under Lundqvist’s skin.

Rangers 4

Lightening 1

via cbsports

via cbsports

Anaheim Ducks versus Chicago Blackhawks

I am going to make this a pretty simple Preview. Whoever wins this series will win the Stanley Cup.

Regardless of who comes out of the eastern conference I don’t see them having a shot against either one of these two teams. Both The Blackhawks and Ducks have the experience, scoring power, defensive talent and goaltending to beat the Rangers or The lightening but whoever comes out of the Western Conference will defiantly come out of it Bruised and beaten.

The Ducks led by Perry and Getzlaf have had the easier time getting here. A quick four game series over the Jets, an easy five game series over the Flames but now they’re going up against a team that time and time again proves they can add pieces in the offseason and still dominate in the playoffs as long as their core players are still there. Getzlaf and Perry will have a hard time against the Blackhawks defense but I still believe this series will be a shootout.

The Blackhawks come into this series after a relatively lack luster second round against the Minnesota Wild. They played well but they were not really tested like they needed to be. The Blackhawks will come into this series with the Ducks well rested and with their offensive firepower coming from all over I expect to see at least three goals a night.

This series will go the distance. 7 games fueled with hard hits, fights and if we are lucky maybe a few games will make it into overtime. This series will crown the next Stanley Cup champion I am sure without a doubt but who wins the series will go into the Cup Final battered and bruised and may have a harder time going against the Rangers or Lightening then they think they will.

Blackhawks 4

Ducks 3