Canadians Stay Alive In Game 5

Written by Cameron Peck: May 10th, 2015

Once again Carey Price had to stand on his head for his team. It’s a position he has most likely gotten used to playing for the Habs with their lack of ability to score goals on a consistent basis. Unlike most goalies that have to be a team’s Savior Price seems unfazed by the task and responsibilities trusted upon him. Price is always calm cool and collected during the game or even afterwards during post-game interviews. Even last night he was asked if his heart beat races while in net. Some say perhaps their Star Goalie is similar to their former great Patrick Roy but it’s too early in a career to make the comparison.

Price Dominated the night stopping 24 out of 25 shots against him with a great save against Filppula that probably should have gone in. The only goal to go by him was off a rebound that fell right into Stamkos’s lap. The Canadians have to just worry about game 6 on Tuesday in Tampa. If they can come out with another win that it’s a blank slate for them but the team will have to produce more. They can rely on Price to give them a shot to win it all but it only takes one game for him to go cold for this all to be over.

This series has been a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I expected a five game run by the Canadians because of Price and just how cold Stamkos was playing but he found his touch this series, netting 6 points in the 5 games after relying on his teammates to help push the Lighting past the Red Wings. There has been no team since the NHL’s Creation in 1927 to come back from a 3 game deficit but the Canadians may just have the opportunity. Both teams right now are struggling to find the net and in a head to head showdown between Bishop and Price only a fool would take Bishop. Price will give the Habs the chance to writer history but they’ll have to get past game 6 first.