Connor McDavid, Sent To The Abyss?

The 2015 NHL Entry Draft boasts the deepest draft pool we have seen in almost a decade. Almost every player drafted this year is said to be NHL ready and an immediate upgrade to his team. Not only that but this is also the year we see the player who has been called "the next Sidney Crosby". Connor McDavid. With 120 points in 47 games this season, he is the most skilled and dominate player we've seen since 87 broke into the league. He is said to be a once in a lifetime player that can completely turn a franchise around. But if their is one team in the league that Connor McDavid might not even be able to save, it is the Edmonton Oilers. And that is exactly the team that won the draft lottery, and the opportunity to pick McDavid late Saturday night. Over the past five years the Oilers have had 3 first overall picks, a third, and a seventh. And with those picks they have made no improvements, and no headway in the standings. Year after year, pick after pick, they are fighting for last place in the NHL. Management seems unaware of its flaws on defense and in goal, and likes to put all the blame on a revolving door of ever changing coaches. Edmonton is where great players go to die. I don't think the rest of the NHL is aware of just how good Hall and Nugent Hopkins actually are because they've been stuck in Edmonton for so long now. But McDavid is different then those who have came before him. He is not a Hall or Nugent Hopkins. He is a Crosby, Ovechkin, Gretzky. He may be the player that can pull Edmonton from the abyss. But for his sake and for the rest of the hockey world, we only hope Edmonton does not drag him down with them.