Leafs snap their only positive streak

Monday March 23rd 2015 may go down in Leafs history as the day things all changed.

If you have not heard yet the Toronto Maple Leafs had their 13 year sellout streak at the Air Canada Center snapped. The leafs also lost the game to Minnesota 2-1 but I am sure we all knew that was going to happen anyways. 

Truth be told I am not a Leafs fan even though my grandfather worked at the ACC and the gardens for many years, I am not a fan even though I have their memorabilia and I am not a fan even though I was born and raised in the Six, But I still watch their games and maybe deep down inside I hope this team can return to its former glory because a great Maple Leaf team is great not just for the City, The NHL but for the game of hockey itself.

It should go without saying that the Maple Leafs are arguably the most recognizable Hockey team in the world even though they have not hoisted Lord Stanley’s Mug since ’67. There have been leaf teams that have done well and gone deep in the playoffs but they have one playoff appearance and no postseason series victories since 2004 and yet they still have sold out every game till last night.

It may be hard to believe that last night everything changed for the Leafs, that they would realize their fans have had enough of their losing ways and will finally speak with their wallets and maybe it is hard to believe that but as an optimist I cannot help but wonder if it has finally happened.

What if the organization wakes up and focuses more on winning instead of turning a profit. What if the organization starts to hire better coaches and scouting staff, what if the Leafs draft well and develop their own talent instead of trading them away?

This could be the change Die hard leaf fans have been waiting for, this could be the change that your parents and grandparents have been waiting for since ’67.Perhaps one day in a few years you will look back and think this is when it all changed but only time will tell.

Maybe the Leafs will return to their former glory and finally give this city what it’s been longing for, for so long.

A Championship.