Reaction: The Scores ‘3 Trades the Leafs Should Make’

Recently, Justin Cuthbert, a writer for “The Score” produced an article outlining three trades the Leafs should make in order to ‘get the ball rolling.’

Read the original article here:

Cuthbert first mentions a trade involving Cody Franson to the Ducks for Devante Smith-Pelly. I can see Cuthbert’s argument for this however, Cody Franson, a top 2 D for the Maple Leafs for an F that has 5 goals this season isn’t something I can get behind. Smith-Pelly recently signed a two year, 1.6 million dollar bridge contract with the Ducks. Injury ridden and a healthy scratch in more recent contest I cannot see how the Leafs could possibly win this trade. Smith-Pelly’s only asset is his youth, which normally I would be all for, however in this case, I cannot see how he could be an asset to our pre trade deadline roster. 

Cuthbert goes on to explore a trade between the Leafs and the Penguins. He offers Mike Santorelli and Roman Polak to the Pens for Beau Bennett. I wouldn’t hate this trade. If it were up to me, I would try to work Winnik into the trade before I offered Santorelli, however I can see, with opportunity and new line mates, Bennett becoming a huge asset in years to come. He can play either wing, and at 23 years old, he fits with the Leafs rebuild. Bennett is 6’2 and 195 lbs, his size and skill are something the Leafs could really use on the second line.

The third trade proposed by Cuthbert is the one that I cannot and will not get behind. Phil Kessel, to the Sabers for Hundson Fasching, Jake McCabe and a 2nd round pick. Surely Kessel is worth more to then that. I can see his argument for moving Kassel’s $64 million dollar contract, the return is just too pitiful to consider. There are other teams in the league who would gladly take on Kessel, and offer much more in return in my opinion.

That being said, the Leafs need to start making moves. I hope to see something before the deadline however I am not opposed to the larger trades being held off until the offseason.