Leafs Fall short once again

via Mapleleafshotsove

via Mapleleafshotsove

Going into Friday night’s game the Maple Leafs had just one win in 8 games to start the season. Nobody was really expecting a playoff push after last year and the offseason that saw Scapegoat Phil Kessel headed to Pittsburgh in a trade on July 1st of this year. Even though nobody expected a great season this start may be one of the worst in the team’s history.

The Maple Leafs leading goal scorers are JVR and Leo Komarov. Let me say that again. One of the team’s leading goal scorers is Leo Komarov. As much as I like him as a player, when he is one of your leaders then your team is in serious need of goal scorers and they don’t seem to have any coming on the Horizon any time soon.

The often injured Joffrey Lupul scored the Leafs only goal of the game late in the 3rd period, assisted by D. Phaneuf and M. Rielly. While the team is struggling on offence as a whole Phaneuf is off to a good start with seven assists so far in the early season.

The teams slow start hasn't made much headlines in the city of Toronto with the Raptors season starting shortly ago and a great playoff run by the Blue jays (Woot go jays go) and it is for the best. This teams goal this year to me at least is pretty obvious. Let the future develop, and hope for the best draft pick possible and so far it seems to be working.

The Rangers on the other hand are off to another great start. Showing the eastern conference they are a team to fear starting their season 7-2-2 but it seemed there was only one player who was needed Friday night. Mats Zuccarello.  He netted a goal in the first and third period before getting a hat trick on an empty net near the end of the game.  

The Maple Leafs next game is Saturday Night against Pittsburgh. Phil Kessel makes his first return to Toronto with the “slumping” Pens and if history is any indicator then he may end up struggling back in Toronto like he did when he played for the leafs in Boston although I’m sure Chara had a hand in it but only time will tell if it’s the former or the later.

New York Rangers -3

Toronto Maple Leafs - 1