Coach Sutter wants Kings to get off ‘Stanley Cup train’ start working harder

The Defending Stanley Cup Champions aka The Los Angeles Kings find themselves outside the playoff picture with one game remaining prior to the NHL’s All-Star break and Darryl Sutter is hoping to help get his team on the right track before it’s too late.

You can say whatever you want or it may just be a really long hangover for the Kings, but the head coach is encouraging his players to put in the work required to succeed moving forward.

“They have to keep understanding and listening to what I’m telling them about how tough it is,” Sutter told the Los Angeles Times. “The train has got to be a work train, not the Stanley Cup train. The Stanley Cup train was last year and some guy’s just have to get off that train. There’s no extra for it. You get nothing from it.

Sutter acknowledges his team’s success in recent years as a goof problem to have, but sees a great danger in his players resting on their laurels, lest they miss out on this year’s playoff altogether.

“It’s the best problem to have – everybody in the league would love to have that problem for the last three seasons,” Sutter said, “(But) at times you can see where players aren’t as invested in importance of that game as they should be. And that’s probably cost us points.

Despite their record, the Kings remain the best even-strength possession team in the league, and certainly have the talent and experience to make a late change.

In other words, Sutter is basically telling them to wake the fuck up or all the bandwagon fans will abandon them.

The Kings visit the San Jose Sharks on Wednesday and sit one point back of their in-state rivals.