Adult Actress Puts Flyers Defensemen on Blast

(November 2, 2014 - Ottawa, ON) The twitter world awoke this morning with adult actress, Lisa Ann exposing “ex-boyfriend” Philadelphia Flyer defensemen Michael Del Zotto. Lisa Ann claims Del Zotto has repeatedly asked her to find him a suitable mate over the course of the last two years.

Lisa Ann started off her twitter rant with a ‘subtweet’; “As you may imagine, I get some pretty random texts.. Takes a lot to annoy me, but some people strive at it..” She could have (should have) left off there, but decided to call out exactly who she was talking about with this tweet: 

As she gets more responses, she needs to clarify who Michael Del Zotto is (because really, can you blame her?)  And tweets out calling him the “stud NHL player” (errrrr?).  She isn’t finished there however, as she exposes more and more on Del Zotto. Eventually she tweets what seems to be a direct quote from one of their text threads; “Don’t get mad. Been so busy with the season I haven’t been out at all. Any chance you have me a sweetheart for me to actually hang out with?”

Lisa Ann then decides to turn this rant bashing Del Zotto into the story of how the pair actually came to be item.  According to her Del Zotto reached out to a promoter to get in contact with her. She says after a quick google search she thought he was cute – alright Lisa… - and agreed to go on a date with him. About a week after their first date, Lisa Ann claims Del Zotto starts asking her to set him up with girls while he’s on the road. She declines, telling him to ‘pull tail’ himself or get his agent to do so for him. She then states that the pair were together for four months, but she had to end things because despite her efforts to get him to stop, Del Zotto continually asked her to set him up with other women.

In an attempt to be funny, Lisa Ann says she’s going to set up a dating profile on twitter for Michael Del Zotto and asks for any girls who want to date him to give him a follow.

Lisa Ann also states its all fine for her to do this, because she “warned him of this outcome”

As of this moment, the only response Del Zotto has given was to block Lisa Ann on twitter.