An awakening of a generation


1993. For many of us that's our childhood. I was born in 92 and my entire life my parents kept on going on about how I missed one of the greatest moments not only in blue jay history but in canadian history.

That three run bottom of the ninth by Joe Carter reminded everyone down in the states that we love baseball too and it seems like that time has come again. We've been on the outside looking in for too long but now as the blue Jays have clinched a playoff birth the city and the country seem to have changed overnight.

The Toronto Blue Jays are quickly finishing up their schedule. With only six games left in the season there is a chance to get home field advantage in the AL playoffs. which we all know just how important that would be for any team nevermind one that would see the skydome come alive with fans experiencing playoff baseball for the first time in their lives.

It's obviously to soon to say this is something blue jay fans can get used to the next few years with off season unknowns like Price and Buehrle but the future does look bright for Blue Jays Baseball.

Only time will tell if we can tell our kids about the 2015 Jays but this fan hopes to be celebrating down young street.