What it’s like to be old.. I mean Tim Duncan

via Sportingnews 

via Sportingnews 

Whether their season ends in disappointment or covered in sticky champagne, the Spurs always find a way to improve over the summer so let’s not get into how they lost and where they will end up.

The NBA’s second-oldest player has a hard time relating to rookies.

Duncan sat down with a former teammate Bruce Bowen for an interview where he discussed his plans for the future. And while Duncan gave no answer about his career, he shared some info into what it’s like to be old.

One of Bowen question to Duncan was if Duncan shares any wisdom with players who are sometimes 18 years younger. Duncan admitted it’s a struggle.

“I wish I could be that, be that profound, and yes, but no,” Duncan said. “Half the kids I can’t relate to. They walk in here and are like ‘Hey, I had your poster in my wall when I was five.’ I’m like ‘Man, shut up. I don’t want to talk to you.’