Nothing But Unanimous

For back to back seasons Stephen Curry has shocked the league and the world with his handles and his three point game. Putting up 23.8 points, 7.7 assists a game while shooting .448% and .443% from 3 last year. He improved this year with 30.1 points, 6.7 assists while shooting .504% and .454% from 3.

Curry is a statistical anomaly but besides his own accomplishments he's led the Warriors to back to back 1st place seeds in the west, breaking the famed 72-10 record by the 95-96 bulls, as well taking the championship home last year.

However, some feel he didn't deserve the first unanimous MVP. If legends like Jordan, Bryant, or Shaq couldn't during their MVP years why should Curry?

Those legends had great MVP years but nothing like what we're seeing done in back to back years.
The question then quickly becomes Is he better then Jordan, James, etc 

The answer is no...not yet..

That level of impact on the NBA takes years of consistent play, championships, and individuals trophies cause basketball is all about who's got more when it comes to debates like these but this could be the beginning of one of the greatest to ever play the game.

We're lucky enough we still have one of the greatest to ever play in the middle of his prime in James. Then add the age experiment that San Antonio seems to be pulling off and we're enjoying elite basketball and maybe the best ever in the next couple years.

Our parents had Jordan, we got Kobe for 20 years and now are witnessing James,  Durant and  Curry become apart of our own " oh you never got to see him play" stories we'll tell the next generation of basketball fans.