Collison's 8 day suspension cost him $$$

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Don’t you love when you read about athletes getting in trouble?

One thing we know is that Darren Collison will be suspended for eight games due to the domestic violence he had to deal with.

A little reminder, he pleaded guilty in early September to a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery stemming from an incident in May. The 6-foot guard reportedly received three years of probation and a 20-day jail sentence in an alternative sentencing program as part of his plea agreement.

Collison can still play in the preseason and attend Kings practices, but will not be able to suit up in the regular season until Nov. 8 against the New Orleans Pelicans.

His suspension will also end up costing him $380,324 in lost salary. 

The Kings, who owed Collison approximately $5.2 million for this final year of his contract before the suspension, also released a statement after the Collision decision was announced.

"Domestic violence is a serious issue and directly contradicts the values of the Sacramento Kings," the statement reads. "Darren has taken responsibility for his action and will work to raise awareness of this critical issue in the community. We support the NBA's decision on the matter."

Prior to the decision being reached, Collison had already taken public responsibility

 “Words cannot describe the feelings and regret that I have been experiencing the last few months. My family and I found ourselves in such an unfamiliar situation and it has been a difficult few months. This is far from who I am as a person and not something I am proud of. I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Guess you have to learn your lesson one way or another.