Moses Malone passes away

Moses Malone, named one of the 50 greatest players ever, MVP of the 1983 finals, has passed away at age 60. 

Norfolk police department confirmed that Malone died in a hotel room, suspicion rose when Malone failed to attend a golf tournament. 

Statement courtesy of ESPN

"It is with a deep sense of sadness that the Sixers family mourns the sudden loss of Moses Malone. It is difficult to express what his contributions to this organization -- both as a friend and player -- have meant to us, the city of Philadelphia and his faithful fans," the 76ers said in a statement Sunday."

"Moses holds a special place in our hearts and will forever be remembered as a genuine icon and pillar of the most storied era in the history of Philadelphia 76ers basketball. No one person has ever conveyed more with so few words - including three of the most iconic in this city's history. His generosity, towering personality and incomparable sense of humor will truly be missed. We will keep his family in our thoughts and prayers and as we are once again reminded of the preciousness of life."

Let's not forget, Malone was 1 of the 4 players who put up 25,000 points and 15,000 rebounds. He averaged a double-double during his entire NBA season, spanning from 8 teams. 

Tons of NBA players have sent their condolences to Malone via social media, to show a couple

RIP, legend.