2 Winners of the NBA Off-Season

San Antonio Spurs

With Tim Duncan and 9 other free agents, this is one of the more important off-seasons the Spurs have had in a while. 

A top notch move bringing back Kawhi Leonard who has surpassed almost everybody's expectations from what he has become. Massive defensive force, high IQ basketball (needed within Spurs system) simply they can't go wrong with this guy. He was also voted the 2015 Defensive Player of the Year. Locking him up for 5 years is what the Spurs dearly needed. 

Within the same day, Spurs re-signed Danny Green, a fantastic shooter who can spread the floor, as well as a great defensive guard. 

The biggest move of the off-season yet, grabbing all-star Lamarcus Aldridge, which didn't come easy. Losing components such as Baynes, Bellineli & Joseph in order to have cap-room. We still have yet to see how he'll fit in, but something tells me the Spurs coaching system and Tim Duncan will keep Lamarcus ready and convenient for the team. This move is what (for me) places the San Antonio Spurs the winners of the off-season so far.

While you would think they are done, the Spurs with another implausible addition with David West. West, who adds great production offensively and defensively will make an incredible fit with the Spurs. Another veteran combined with this vastly experienced squad.

We still have at least another year with the big three, Duncan, Parker & Ginobli who have built an astonishing dynasty within the Spurs. With the additions to the team, it looks like the Spurs are ready and are full force committed to another championship.

Other positives

  • Bringing back Splitter
  • Bringing back Manu Ginobli 

Miami Heat

After a season to forget, Heat look to strength up for the upcoming season, with great additions. 

So far one common pick for the main winners of the off-season so far is the Heat. Re-signing Goran Dragic for 5 years is a great step towards success for this team. Locking down a proven point guard is key for any teams attainment. 

Bringing Wade back for another year was also key for this franchise. Sure, he's aging and has been through his share of injuries but you can't deny a hall of famer of his level slip away. Wade's championship experience can also brush off to less playoff experienced players like Goran Dragic. 

Grabbing Gerald Green,  who's an insane athlete and has improved his long range shooting in the past years is what (for me) puts Miami Heat the winners of the off-season so far. A great player who can help in many ways off of the bench, or even start, and grabbing him for the minimum was an A+ move by the Heat organization. 

Another outstanding pick up by the Miami Heat is signing Amare Stoudamire, also for the minimum. A six all-time all star who is known to put up massive numbers and be a force in the paint. Even though it's only a 1-year deal, it's a big one.

Other positives

  • Bringing back Dunleavy