Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love lose their playoff virginity

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love both play their first NBA post-season game, in Cleveland, facing the Boston Celtics.

Irving came out to play, scoring 30 points, a fantastic performance he had, especially for this being his first hard-court NBA playoff experience. He was on fire in the first half scoring 20 of his points, along with a hitting his first 5 three-point attempts. No rust here.

Kevin Love seemed a little out of rhythm early in the game, missing his first 4 shots. Other than that, he contributed fiercely at the glass grabbing 12 rebounds, eventually he found a way to score and ended with 19 points. A smooth double-double. Cleveland ended up with a comfortable 13 point win, 113-110.

After the game, Irving, LeBron and Kevin sat together for a 13 minute post-game interview

LeBron on Kevin Love's performance, "even with Kev's shot not falling early, I felt like it was just the rhythm he was in, the aggressiveness he was in, would payoff later for us." Which it definitely did.

LBJ also commented on Irving's performance calling it "phenomenal".

A reported asked Irving, "What is it about the big stage that brings the best out of you?" Kyrie replied, "It makes it easier for me when I have guys like this, that have my back are consistently giving me confidence, every time-out, every jump-shot." 

Irving was also relived getting this game out of the way. "I'm just glad I got game 1 out of the way".

This was Cleveland's first home playoff game since May 11, 2010. A depressing look back for Cleveland fans, when after the loss against the Celtics, LeBron took off his Cav's jersey  and didn't wear it for another 4 years, going on his journey with the Miami Heat.

Celtics Coach Brad Stevens went on to say after the game, "We will learn and improve from it. "I don't want to overdo it, this is a long series.

All in all, a very positive out look for these two young players, even though it isn't yet a significant match-up for Cleveland, you can't complain about a running start.