Raptors 2015-2016 Season Preview

As a Raptor fan, these past two seasons have been building blocks and you can't hate on what the organization has become. 

Many needed changes have been made in order to get this franchise back on it's feet. After years upon years with disaster seasons, busts and underachieving, we can finally have a positive glance for the future of this Raptor team. 

The Raptors should be looking to forget their embarrassing 2015 playoff run. Well we shouldn't even call it a run, they got their ass handed to them, four games in a row against the Washington Wizards. The whole Raptors nation was ready for 100% effort and at least a second round visit.

A lot has changed. Raptors GM Masai Ujuri completed some major moves, rifting from Lou Williams, who has joined the LA Lakers and Amir Johnson who has joined the Boston Celtics. Both loved by the Raptors community, it was a surprise to see them go, mainly Amir Johnson who was a fan favorite. 

Via theStar

Via theStar

It seems Masai wasn't backing away from the defensive issues, signing DeMarre Carroll to a four year, $60 million dollar deal. Carroll is very known for his defensive abilities and will bring intensive defense as well as take some pressure off of other needed offensive liabilities the Raptors have. Corey Joseph as well as Luis Scola were picked this season, creating a deeper bench for the Raps. Corey Joseph was with the Spurs where he spent his first four NBA seasons, which included two NBA finals championships, and not to forget he's another Toronto native added to the roster, newest addition Anthony Bennet, who is also from Toronto.

Luis Scola will be entering his 9th NBA season, averages 12.7 points and 7 rebounds throughout his NBA career, a true veteran. Scola only signed to a 1 year, $3 million dollar deal. Another addition to the deep power forward position joining James Johnson and Patrick Patterson. 

Now that the Raptors are mainly focusing on their defensive stance, that perfectly fits coach Dwane Casey's style. He's been hoping for a solid defensive club, and he got it. 

What the Raptors should be looking to achieve:

  • Atlantic title, for the third year straight
  • 45-55 wins
  • Efficient defensive stats & effort

As of now, it's all talk. We need to wait, you never know how things might turn out. All you need to do is sit, get ready and watch. As of right now, the Raptors are looking good. Maybe they get to rub off a little from the Blue Jays. 

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